Finally done

Scotch Corner is finally done.

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Only the titles left to do

Finally, Scotch Corner is complete. The titles are being rendered this week and then I can begin to get the film into festivals in the UK and Internationally.

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Final edit

Finally a final edit (version 13) of Scotch Corner now exists. I am totally happy with it, thrilled you might say… so this version will now go into grading and have the final sound mix completed.

I can’t wait for it all to be done.

Fingers crossed.

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UAL Alumni speaks to James and Alex

The University of Arts London’s Alumni have featured an frank and candid interview with James Bull and Alex Lake on recently working together on Scotch Corner after meeting at and graduating from the University 14 years ago.

Read the full interview at:

For more details on the UAL Alumni visit:

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Scotch Corner in ‘Design Week’

Scotch Corner has been featured in an article in Design Week. The article takes a look at designers becoming film-makers “Graphic artists, with their visual flair, should have a head start when it comes to thriving in the film industry. But think again, says Mike Dempsey, as he casts his eye over the history of designers turned film-makers.”

It’s good to be mentioned int he same article as Saul Bass.

Check it out at –


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Scotch Corner on Alex Lake’s website


Alex Lake has uplaoded a whole section on his website twoshortdays dedicated to Scotch Corner. To visit the site click here.

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Day 8 – Coco the Harris hawk

We have just finished the last day – so we are wrapped on the shoot!

We spent the morning shooting the scene where Cassie gets to fly a hawk with Peter. The hawk was kindly provided by Loch Lomond Birds of Prey Centre in Ballagan, near Balloch – a big thanks to Stewart and the rest of his team.


This image is an ungraded still straight from the camera.

After we wrapped we had a 8(ish) hour trip back to London and then Big Al, Little Al and Jacqui had a further couple of hours to Brighton.

The film is in the can – now the fun of post is upon us.

Day 8 – video diary from James Bull on Vimeo.


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